Since the shipping cost can vary greatly due to the weight and dimensions of the package and, above all, the country of delivery, you need to contact the seller and request a shipping quote. Within the European Union the costs are quite reasonable, but it can be expensive when shipping overseas.

If you have an account at Rare Puzzles, you will be able to communicate easily with the seller and request information about the puzzle, insurance, shipping and other details.

If you want to reserve a puzzle directly through the website before actually getting a shipping quote, select Bank Transfer as payment method and Local Pickup during checkout. That way, the puzzle will be removed from the inventory and it will be reserved for you. Later, you will be able to communicate with the seller and complete the purchase adding the shipping costs.

We recommend that you use PayPal as payment method, since they offer protection for both parties, but buyers and sellers are free to complete the transaction through any other voluntary agreement.

For general questions about using the site, you can send us an email at



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