0. Introduction.

Jorge Gallego Bóveda (from now on, the Owner) grants free access to the pages and content of the website www.rarepuzzles.com to any visitors, with the sole condition that they accept the terms and conditions that appear in this document, and their behavior adjusts to such norms of use.

Browsing through www.rarepuzzles.com means that the visitor accepts the terms and norms of use and the policies of the website, and turns the visitor into a user.

These Terms & Conditions ares subject to changes and modifications. For that reason, it is important that you know the last version of the document. The information with the last update always appears at the bottom of this page.

1. Responsibility of the Owner

The Owner will comply with all the requirements of the current legislation with regards to his area of responsibility. Besides, he will offer true and updated information in the website, he will maintain true and smooth communication with the users, he will process orders efficiently, and he will offer a level of customer service that will exceed the users’ expectations as much as possible.

The Owner will make sure that the users can browse through the contents of www.rarepuzzles.com being sure that the website meets the objectives of the service for which it was created and with the guarantee that none of their rights as users will be infringed. For that reason, he will monitor that users meet basic standards of interaction and usage rules set forth herein. In this regard, the Owner may remove any content or suspend any user account if, in its sole discretion, violates any of the rules and obligations described in these Terms & Conditions

2. Responsibility of the Users

The User agrees to navigate through www.rarepuzzles.com and its contents in accordance with the law, rules and conditions contained in these Terms & Conditions and also in accordance with the rules of common sense interaction and socially accepted norms.

Above all, the User agrees not to use any content for illegal purposes, prejudicial to the interests or rights of others, or in any way damage or impede the normal use of the website or the computer equipment where it is hosted.

In particular, the User will avoid publishing commercial communications through www.rarepuzzles.com or links to his own websites through comments. He will also refrain from collecting content and information from other users or access other users’ accounts if somehow he manages to get access. He will also respect other users when interacting with them, while maintaining a tone of civility and common sense and avoiding bullying behaviors, sexism or discrimination.

Additionally, the User will make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of his account at www.rarepuzzles.com, especially his credentials (username and password). If the User detects any threat to the security of his data, he will communicate the situation as soon as possible.

Similarly, the User agrees to comply with all the laws protecting intellectual property. In this sense, he commits himself to respecting the limits that the Owner has set on www.rarepuzzles.com, which appear in the section Intellectual Property of these Terms & Conditions.

Finally, the User agrees to be truthful when interacting with the Owner, either by voluntarily filling forms through the website, or when contacting the Owner by any other means.

3. Intellectual Property

All content that appears on www.rarepuzzles.com is the property of the Owner or third parties who have authorized its use. This includes all text, logos, and images. The Owner, as the copyright holder, reserves all rights provided by copyright law, such as the right to make copies, distribute the work, license, or otherwise exploit the work. No rights are waived under this license.

Vendors that offer their own products through www.rarepuzzles.com have the intellectual property of their own texts and images. However, they authorize the Owner to use them within the website the moment they post them on their stores at www.rarepuzzles.com.

All external content linked from this website via hyperlinks are excluded from our intellectual property. Those contents don’t belong to the Owner and they are actually outside of www.rarepuzzles.com.

4. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are links that lead from a web page to another. Our website has hyperlinks that link from www.rarepuzzles.com to other external sites. At the same time, other sites have hyperlinks on their pages that link to our website.

Hyperlinks from www.rarepuzzles.com link to content that is not the property of the Owner and it is actually outside of our site. The purpose of hyperlinks is to enrich the browsing experience and provide users with additional meaningful information. The Owner will select and use hyperlinks that are relevant to the content and will also ensure that other users follow similar criteria when they add hyperlinks. However, when accessing other web pages from hyperlinks within www.rarepuzzles.com, users assume that they do it only for information purposes and they understand that the Owner is not responsible for the content accesse and he doesn’t have any control over it.

Hyperlinks from other web pages towards www.rarepuzzles.com are authorized as long as the users that want to establish such links comply with all applicable laws and avoid making false or incorrect statements about www.rarepuzzles.com, or its contents, or its users. Under no circumstances it will be assumed that the Owner authorizes the hyperlink or approve the content or services offered on the website from which the hyperlink towards www.rarepuzzles.com is established.

The presence of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of any relationship between the Owner and the owners of the website from which the link is established. In any case, the Owner does not authorize hyperlinks to www.rarepuzzles.com from webpages that include illegal or immoral information, or contrary to morality and public order, or content that infringes in any way the rights of third parties.

Hyperlinks towards www.rarepuzzles.com that respect the conditions set, will allow access to our website, but the Owner does not authorize the inclusion of content from our site in other websites through frames, nor authorizes using our content differently to what it is stated in the terms of our Intellectual Property.

In short, users understand that the Owner has no control over the webpages that have inserted hyperlinks towards www.rarepuzzles.com, and they assume that he is not responsible for the contents of those pages.

5. Privacy Policy

The defense of privacy is a fundamental matter when providing assurance to the users about their personal information. The Owner pledges to ensure users’ privacy when they visit www.rarepuzzles.com and to protect their personal data in the cases when users voluntarily decide to share them. In this sense, there are two levels of privacy.

When a user visits the website and browses through its contents, we don’t collect any personal data that might be used to identify that user. In that case, we only collect non personal information that cannot be associated with any user, such as the type of browser, operating system used, or IP address. The purpose of collecting such data is to obtain information to help improve the services offered at www.rarepuzzles.com.

When a user sends us an email or fills a contact form or registers at www.rarepuzzles.com opening an account, he is consenting to share some minimum personal data, such as an email address and the name, which the Owner will assume it is the real name. The same is true in the case of a user placing an order at the online store, in which case he will also have to provide other personal information such as the address and the phone number. Such personal information will always be protected, as it is required by the General Data Protection Regulation.

When users provide such personal information voluntarily, they are accepting our Privacy Policy, which you can read here. Our Privacy Policy is part of our Terms & Conditions, and we assume that users have accepted it when they browse through www.rarepuzzles.com, register at the website, communicate with us, or place an order. In the Privacy Policy, we develop with more details the content that appears here only in summary form

6. Browsing and Registration

Anyone can access www.rarepuzzles.com without registering on the website and without having to share any personal data.

When an Internet user first accesses the website, he will see a small message in a banner informing that the website uses cookies. In order to continue browsing the website, the user must explicitly accept the Cookies Policy. Since then, the visitor becomes a user of and he accepts implicitly the responsibilities described in this document.

In order to navigate through the pages of the website, the user doesn’t need any other requirement. However, in order to participate within www.rarepuzzles.com, users must be 18 years old and they will need to register.

The registration process is very simple and similar to the registration process on any other website. Users have to provide at least a name and an email, and they will also need to select a username and a password. As soon as the email address provided is verified, the user will become a registered user. From then on, he can log into the website in order to contribute his content to www.rarepuzzles.com according to the access level assigned by the Owner.

During the registration process, the user has to provide personal data that are protected by the General Data Protection Regularion. Therefore, before he can complete the registration, the user must explicitly accept these Terms & Conditions, which includes the Privacy Policy.

If a registered user applies to become a vendor through the website, he will have to accept some additional and specific Vendor Terms & Conditions.

7. Purchase, Payment, Shipment, Returns, Reservations & Storage

In order to make a purchase at www.rarepuzzles.com, users must be at least 18 years old. Although they can contact the Owner directly by phone or email, in some cases registered users can place an order by themselves on the online store. However, since www.rarepuzzles.com is a multi-vendor platform, the process is not similar to other online stores.

Our website allows users from different countries to buy and sell puzzles among themselves. In those cases, buyers will need to contact vendors directly through the website, and get all the necessary details from them. The Owner only provides a platform that allows a vendor and a buyer to meet and reach an agreement, but users accept that the agreement is voluntary and the Owner is not responsible for the outcome of the transaction. For that reason, the details of this section applies only to our main store Rare Puzzles and doesn’t apply to other vendors, who will set their own terms.

Since the shipping cost can vary greatly depending on the country where the puzzle is shipped and, above all, depending on the weight and dimensions of the package, users will not be able to select a shipping method during the checkout process. The only available option will be local pickup, and users will need to contact the Owner in order to get shipping quotes and later an invoice for the total. If they send the payment before getting a shipping quote, they will need later an additional invoice for the shipping costs. If the shipping address is in Spain, the buyer will be able to complete the purchase by himself and select a shipping option, since there is a shipping flat rate set for Spain.

The purchase process is simple. Users can contact the Owner directly at jorge@rarepuzzles.com, and ask for a shipping quote for the puzzle or puzzles they want to buy. The Owner will then provide a shipping quote and, if the buyer agrees with the shipping costs, the Owner will reserve the puzzles, collect the shipping address and phone number from the buyer, issue an invoice, and provide the payment information. Buyers can also make their selection through the online store adding the puzzle or puzzles to their cart, and then provide billing and shipping information and phone number during the checkout process. Since these are all personal data, users will need to accept our Privacy Policy before placing an order through the online store.

When the user has provided all the information needed to complete the purchase and to make the shipment, he will just need to confirm the order and complete the payment. The price of the products in the online store appears in euros with VAT included.

When the user places and order, he will receive a confirmation email from the Owner with the necessary information to make the payment, which will normally be through a bank transfer or through PayPal. If the user places the order by himself through the online store, he will also receive an automatic email with payment information. The user then will have seven calendar days to complete the payment. If the payment has not been received after seven calendar days, the purchase will be cancelled and the products will return to the online store in order to make them available for other buyers. Nevertheless, the buyer can request the Owner to reserve the puzzle or puzzles for an additional week.

As soon as the Owner receives the payment, the user becomes a client and will receive a confirmation email informing that the purchase has been completed. Users agree, therefore, that the electronic invoice format will be the default invoice when buying autonomously through the online store, but they can request the Owner a conventional invoice. After that, the Owner will process the order and ship the package to the address provided by the customer. The package will be shipped as soon as the payment is received, although the Owner cannot guarantee a time window. In any case, the Owner will email the buyer informing of the date and circumstances of the shipping.

Shipments within the Spanish Peninsula will have a flat rate. The goal of the Owner is that orders are delivered within approximately 72 hours from the time the payment is received and provided there are no weekends or holidays in the middle. However, it is not a guarantee, since the delivery time may be longer. In the event that some unforeseen circumstances prevent that delivery is made within that time frame, the Owner will notify such circumstances to the user immediately. Furthermore, users understand that there is always a possibility of shipping delays due to incidents with shipping companies. Users also understand that in order to process the shipments, they will have to allow the Owner to share some of the personal data with shipping companies, as stated in the Privacy Policy.

Some destinations will require buyers to pay some Customs taxes and fees that are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid before Customs release the package. Users must get information about those possible taxes and fees before placing an order, and they accept that such possible taxes are not the responsibility of the Owner in any case.

Although the right to Cancel & Return your purchase appear elsewhere in this document, it is important to detail the conditions of returns when they are not due to the use of the Cancel & Return right.

Users understand and accept that the Owner is not responsible when a package is returned when the delivery address and/or the phone number provided by the customer were not correct. They also accept that the Owner is not responsible when the addressee rejects the package or refuses to collect it from the location of the shipping agency once they have exhausted all delivery attempts at the shipping address. In such cases, the Users will cover the return costs.

Packaging standards at www.rarepuzzles.com are very high, so the chances that the contents of a package are damaged during the transit are very small. Users should inspect the package and refuse it when they detect some external damage that makes them think that the content is also damaged or indicate it in the delivery note when they sign it. In the event that any damage is not observed on the outside but somehow the content gets damaged and they discover it when opening the package, users should contact the Owner as soon as possible and document the damage. In these cases, we might be able to file a claim to the shipping agency and perhaps retrieve the value of the content and the shipping costs. When the return is due to these reasons, the customer will not assume any expense. Users understand that in such cases, it is possible that there might not be stock of the item in order to replace the original order.

If we make a mistake (Errare humanum est) shipping a product that was not included in the order, users should notify us as soon as possible and we will try to solve the problem immediately. Needless to say, the Owner will assume the return costs in such cases.

Users can ask the Owner to reserve a puzzle for two weeks. In those cases, the Owner will remove the puzzle from the inventory and it will not be available in the online store. If the payment has not been received in those two weeks, the puzzle will be relisted for other customers.

Since shipping costs per puzzle are lower when the package is bigger, users can place an order, pay only for the price of the puzzles and request the Owner to store the puzzles. Later, they can place additional orders and then get all the puzzles sent in a single shipment. In that case, they will save in shipping costs. The Owner will store puzzles for customers for as long as they need.

8. Right to Cancel & Return

The right to Cancel & Return is the ability that all customers have that allows them to cancel the purchase and return an order within a legal deadline without giving any reason and without any penalty.

To exercise this right, users have a period of 14 calendar days from the time they receive the order and sign the delivery note. They only need to communicate the Owner that they want to exercise their right to cancel. Such communication can be done via email or by phone, using the email address or phone number that the user provided during registration. It can also be done by traditional mail to the address of www.rarepuzzles.com. In that case, and to protect the customer, he must include a photocopy of a valid identification document so that we can verify that the request actually comes from the customer. If done by traditional mail, the date of the notification will be the date shown on the postmark. Note that this only applies when a user buys a puzzle from our Rare Puzzles store, since we are a registered business. If a buyer buys a puzzle from an individual vendor, then he will not have that right to cancel. In case of a dispute between a vendor and a buyer, they both accept that the Owner is not responsible and they will have to solve an eventual dispute among themselves (using, for example the PayPal dispute resolution process).

Once the customer has informed the Owner of his desire to exercise his right to cancel, the customer has 14 calendar days to return the product. The return can be done in person at the address of www.rarepuzzles.com or through a shipping company. In any case, the Customer is responsible for the return and he will bear the costs of the return. The Owner will return the amount paid by the customer, including any possible taxes, using the same payment method that the customer used when he placed the order.

However, in order to effectively exercise the right to cancel, the product must be returned in the same condition it was sent. Furthermore, the Customer agrees to return the product using the same packing standards the Owner used to ship it in the fist place. In the same way that the Owner is responsible that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition during transport, the Customer is responsible that the product is returned to the Owner in perfect condition also during the return.

Although the issue of the right to cancel is important and users need to know it, the formulation of the details in this section seems complicated. However, in practice it will be as simple as writing an email to the Owner saying: Hi, Jorge. I want to return this product. Then, we will provide directions to make the process as simple as possible.

9. Guarantee & Customer Service

The Owner adds the most important details about the products when the puzzle appears in the online store. However, the description is not exhaustive. Puzzles described as Factory Sealed keep the original seal, but it might have tears, dirt, or scuffs. The same applies to puzzles described as Sealed Bag, which bring the pieces still sealed inside the original bag, but the box doesn’t keep the original seal. The boxes of these puzzles might have different levels of wear, scuffs, tears in the corners, tape and other imperfections. For that reason, and because these items are second hand products, users assume that the condition is not like when the item was produced in the factory. Also, users understand that the Owner is not responsible if a Factory Sealed or Sealed Bag puzzle bought at www.rarepuzzles.com has missing pieces after completion. Although this is very unlikely, it is nevertheless possible.

The puzzles that are described as Complete are puzzles whose original sealed bag was opened and perhaps the puzzle was assembled before. These puzzles have been verified piece by piece and the condition of the pieces is included in the description. If a piece has some visible defect, we will disclose it in the description and we will provide a close-up photograph of the defect. However, despite the fact that we verify the pieces carefully, and one by one, we cannot guarantee that we can detect all possible visible defects. Furthermore, the only way to actually know that a used puzzle is complete is putting it together and posting a picture of the puzzle assembled. For that reason, puzzles described as Complete are really assumed to be complete and buyers need to accept that assumption. In other words, we cannot guarantee 100% that a puzzle described as Complete is actually complete. Even if we count the right number of pieces, it is possible that there is a foreign piece among the rest that we did not detect. Users assume that possibility when they buy a used puzzle described as Complete at www.rarepuzzles.com. If that happens, they should contact the Owner as soon as possible and we will make all possible effort to compensate the buyer and find a solution that is satisfactory for him.

The Owner pledges that the puzzles are treated as collectibles items and not just as mere sale items. So they are protected and stored adding several layers of plastic wrap for protection, and they are later wrapped in bubble wrap to further protect them during transit and ensure they reach the customer in perfect condition. The goal is that our packaging standards exceed customers’ expectations.

The Owner will also attempt to provide the best possible Customer Service experience. In particular, he pledges to be truthful in all communications, to keep users informed during all the stages of the buying process, and to respond promptly to all emails and/or calls from users. He will also take all possible measures to correct promptly any incidents that might occur during the buying process, and also to help the Customer with the return of a product when he decides to exercise his right to cancel.

In short, the Owner wants to offer the best Customer Service experience and understands that this service covers all aspects of www.rarepuzzles.com, which includes the design of the website, the selection of images, the development of content, the quality of the products, the communication with the users, and the process of purchase, shipping and reception of the product. That’s why we strive to excel in each and every one of those aspects.

10. Limits of Responsibility

Although the Owner assumes the full scope of his responsibility, users understand and assume that his responsibility is not unlimited. That means accepting that there are some areas that are beyond the control of the Owner.

The website www.rarepuzzles.com is hosted on a computer server that is not controlled by the Owner. Therefore, it is possible that disruptions in the availability of the website might occur due to maintenance on the server or connection failures in the communication networks, which are not controlled by the Owner either. For that reason, users assume that the Owner is not responsible for any damages that may result from the possible lack of availability or quality of operation of the website.

For the same reason, the Owner is not responsible for damages arising from the presence of computer viruses on the server hosting www.rarepuzzles.com or the servers that are hosting websites linked via hyperlinks from our website. Similarly, the Owner is not responsible for the actions of third parties that may violate property rights, the right to honor, the right to privacy, or illegal advertising.

Hyperlinks that appear in www.rarepuzzles.com link to websites that are not owned by the Owner and are  outside of our website. While the Owner will try to be sure that the hyperlinks from www.rarepuzzles.com are relevant, linked pages are beyond the control of the Owner and can change at any time. Therefore, users accept that the Owner will not be liable for such changes, and he doesn’t assume responsibility for the content or operation of third party websites to which users of www.rarepuzzles.com can access via hyperlinks.

Users agree that the Owner is not responsible for the content and operation of websites from which hyperlinks to www.rarepuzzles.com are established. The possible existence of such links does not imply any relationship between the Owner and the owners of the website from where the hyperlink is generated. Furthermore, it does not imply that the Owner accepts or approves the contents or services of that website.

Although the Owner will try to keep up to date the content of www.rarepuzzles.com, the service provided through the website is in a dynamic and changing information environment. Therefore, users understand that the Owner can not guarantee complete accuracy, usefulness and timeliness of the content. Similarly, the Owner is not responsible for the use that users will give to the content offered on our website, or the actions taken under such content. The information contained in www.rarepuzzles.com is merely of informative nature and it doesn’t imply a legally binding or contractual commitment.

The Owner will make every effort to process shipments as soon as payment has been made. However, shipping orders is a service performed by shipping companies, and not the Owner. While the goal of the Owner is to ensure that shipments are processed as soon as possible, the truth is that the Owner can not guarantee the absence of unforeseen events in the service offered by the shipping companies, such as delays in the collection or delivery, loss of a package, or any other incident. In such cases, users agree that the delays or losses caused by the transport agencies are not the responsibility of the Owner.

Finally, the Owner is not responsible for the transactions that take place among individuals through www.rarepuzzles.com. The website is just a platform that connects users from different countries so that they can buy and sell their puzzles and they can reach their own agreements. The Owner will just try to facilitate the communication between both parties and help in the transaction, but users (buyers and vendors) accept that he is not responsible for the outcome.

11. Dispute Resolution and Legislation

The Owner will make every effort to scrupulously fulfill his responsibilities and exceed the expectations of users with regards to Customer Service. At the same time, he will try to resolve any issues through a truthful and positive communication with customers and always presuming good intentions.

However, users have at their disposal the European Online Platform for Conflict Resolution, through which customers can file claims about online purchases, such as sales of products bought at our store at www.rarepuzzles.com This platform provides an online mechanism for submitting disputes between consumers and users within the European Union more easily, quickly and cheaply than going to court. However, users assume that this platform can only be used when they buy a product at the Rare Puzzles store, and not when they buy to any other individual vendor allowed to sell at our website. In such cases, we recommend that buyers and vendors use PayPal as preferred payment method. Through PayPal, they both will be protected and will be able to use the PayPal Dispute Resolution Process.

In any case, any dispute that may arise related to www.rarepuzzles.com is ultimately subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, Spain.

(Last Update: May 4, 2018).

The site went through a major change of appearance on December 25, 2018. There are still some adjustments pending, so we appreciate your patience, ;-) Dismiss