Thank you for applying to become a vendor at Rare Puzzles.

Please, read this post before you submit your request form.

These are the terms and conditions:

  1. Vendors can only list Factory Sealed and Sealed Bag puzzles. Only Verified Vendors will be able to list used puzzles, as long as they provide pictures of the puzzle assembled. A Factory Sealed puzzle has the original factory wrapping in place, although it might have partial tears. A Sealed Bag puzzle comes without the original wrapping in an open box, but the pieces are sealed inside the original plastic bag and the bag doesn’t have any tear through which a piece could come out.
  2. Only puzzles Out of Catalog can be listed. Puzzles that can be easily found in puzzle stores cannot be listed at Rare Puzzles. As a guiding rule, puzzles of -5 years cannot be listed.
  3. Vendors have the responsibility of providing an accurate and honest description of the puzzle listed, including, but not limited to:
    • Tears in the outer factory wrapping.
    • Stains, tape marks, tape tears, corner tears, writing, ink marks, scratches, shelf wear, bumps, and any other possible defects in the box and/or the contents of the puzzle.
    • Missing elements, like the original poster or any other factory component that is not included.
  4. Vendors are free to set the price of their puzzles, as well as the shipping costs, insurance, and any other handling fees.
  5. Vendors are free to choose the shipping method and select whether they will ship internationally or not.
  6. The preferred payment method will be PayPal, which offers protection for both the buyer and the seller. In order to use PayPal, users will have to accept PayPal’s own terms and conditions.
  7. When vendors are willing to ship the puzzle, they are responsible for packaging the puzzle in such a way that it will arrive to its destination in the same condition as it was described. Shrink wrap, bubble wrap, foam, and other padding and packing materials are recommended. In any case, the puzzle box is not in itself an appropriate shipping method. The puzzle box will go inside another box, preferably a heavy duty cardboard box.
  8. Vendors are free to offer or include insurance in their shipping. At Rare Puzzles, we recommend that insurance is always used for shipping.
  9. Vendors will be responsible for resolving together with buyers any possible dispute or disagreement through PayPal’s dispute resolution system. Rare Puzzles will provide any possible support in the resolution process, but will not be held accountable, since it is just a platform that connects vendors and buyers.
  10. Rare Puzzles will charge a 5% commission in all transactions for the service provided. The commission will be fully donated to the American Cancer Society and the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Association Against Cancer), except for the minimum necessary to keep the site running, like web hosting, domain name renewal, and similar maintenance costs.
  11. Vendors can voluntarily increase the 5% commission charged in their sales, knowing that all the fees will be donated to the mentioned Non Profit Organizations. In order to increase the commission percentage, they need to let us know at
  12. These Terms & Conditions can be amended. Vendors will be informed about any possible changes before they are applied.


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