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6000, Educa, Las Meninas (fragment), Diego Velázquez


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Educa manufactured this beautiful puzzle in 2005. It is a fragment of Las Meninas, which is probably the most famous painting by Diego Velázquez. It is very rare and difficult to find.

The original painting is one of the main masterpieces at the Prado Museum in Madrid, together with many other paintings by Velázquez. For that reason, people usually crowd in the room where the painting remains in the Museum.

Educa has published some other magnificent large jigsaw puzzles by Velázquez, which is probably the most famous Spanish artist, and these puzzles are part of the wish lists of many collectors. For that reason, they are very difficult to find. There are two 10000 versions of The Surrender of Breda and Las Hilanderas.

This puzzle is like NEW, with all the pieces SEALED inside the original plastic bag. The box is in very good condition, although it shows some shelf wear.

It measures 156 x 107 cm. The reference number is 12028.

There are smaller versions of this puzzle, like a 1000 version by Clementoni, and a 1500 version by Diset. However, these paintings by Velázquez truly bright in larger puzzles.

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Dimensions 46 x 32 x 8.5 cm



Sealed Bag

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