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When I started this puzzle, I knew that there was a missing piece. It should have 999 pieces, but there were only 998 pieces. Some time ago, when this happened, I used to verify the puzzle a second time. My hope was that I had made a mistake, but the second verification gave always the same result. It was a shame, because this puzzle by Clementoni with a poster of the Moulin Rouge by Toulouse-Lautrec was very unusual. However, after buying more than 200 incomplete puzzles, it is not disappointing anymore. It’s part of what we do at Rare Puzzles: being sure that we only list the complete ones.

Image of the puzzle 1000, Clementoni, Moulin Rouge, by Toulouse-Lautrec, Puzzle Assembled

Initially, I was listing the incomplete puzzles in the online store at very low prices. However, when I decided to start the Missing Pieces replacement service, I thought it was better to keep them, put them together, and offer them for replacements. So, I have accepted the idea that I am now a puzzle enthusiast that will only assemble incomplete puzzles.

Moulin Rouge: La Goulue

That is the complete title of this poster by Toulouse-Lautrec. It was a color lithograph from 1891. Although they printed around 3000 copies, most of them were pasted as advertising posters and are now lost. However, surviving examples remain in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The poster depicts the famous can-can dancer La Goulue and her flexible partner Valentin le Désossé (Boneless Valentin). The artist made it to advertise the popular French club, Moulin Rouge. Their audience appears as silhouettes in order to focus attention on the performers and evoke the Japanese art then in vogue.

The puzzle was very easy. I was fighting hard with the Ravensburger 5000 pieces version of The Night Watch, by Rembrandt. The puzzle was so challenging, that I had to take several breaks and complete smaller puzzles just to feel that I was making some progress. This Moulin Rouge was one of the smaller puzzles that helped me keep going with the large one. It served its purpose and it is now offered for replacements, in case anyone needs a piece from this puzzle.

1000, Clementoni, Moulin Rouge, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 67.7 x 47.7 cm, Reference number 56000.

Image of the puzzle 1000, Clementoni, Moulin Rouge, by Toulouse-Lautrec, Picture of the Box

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Today, I have started a new project:

Since 2015, I have been able to help a lot of puzzle fans and enthusiasts to increase their collections. I purposely avoided the expression “complete their collections” because we all know it is impossible. Hardcore puzzle fans always find new projects. In any case, I didn’t leave any stone unturned in order to locate puzzles everywhere. Later, I put them all together in a single place where anyone could get them. Many people found it much easier to buy them at Rare Puzzles instead of spending their time and effort looking for them.

After a long learning experience (and around 200 incomplete puzzles that their owners sold me as complete), Rare Puzzles has started to take form and consolidate, although there are still a lot of features that we need to include. If fact, it is a never ending process, but the site is improving one step at a time. It is interesting to consider how things happen sometimes, even when we had different plans.

Since Rare Puzzles specializes in out of catalog puzzles, I couldn’t include in the store current puzzles from different brands that are widely available in stores. If I had done that, the site would be just one more puzzle store. And yet, most users also like current puzzles and buy them, since they are much more affordable. In order to complete the service offered at Rare Puzzles, some time ago I created a subdomain, also in English, listing current puzzles. However, it was not a good solution, and I knew that sooner or later I would need to create a separate site.

A New Project in Spanish with Current Puzzles

For that reason, I have launched today, with a different design, but also with some common elements that everyone will be able to identify. I wanted to create something more than just an online store. There are many online stores that sell puzzles, but I wanted to create a different portal. A website specialized in puzzles where people could also buy puzzles, which is a completely different concept. Besides, I wanted it to be in Spanish, so that Spanish speaking users could find it easily.

However, everyone can take advantage as well and add any current puzzles to their orders. The process is as simple as sending me an email at, or contacting through the website at @siliconbook. It is important to note that customers from outside of the European Union don’t pay VAT. And the fact that they are brand new puzzles doesn’t mean the packing standards will vary.

Special Thanks

Rare Puzzles has given me the opportunity to get in touch with really extraordinary people all around the world. After a lot of communication, where sometimes you share other things that are not related to puzzles, one day you realize that the word customer doesn’t fit the person anymore. Instead, you realize that the word friend is more accurate, even when you have never met them.

One of these people is Lars Teglbjaerg, who is one of the most active puzzle fans in the world and amazingly prolific. He happens to be a great photographer as well, and documents carefully his progress on his puzzles. Besides, his choice of puzzles is aligned with my preferences as well. As a result, he has a great repository of puzzle images of great quality that are a wonderful resource. He has allowed me to use all his images for free at the new site

For that reason, all the credit is for Lars. The website has been live for barely 12 hours and I have already received compliments for the photographs of the puzzles assembled. Thank you, Lars.

So, we start a new venture now. There are currently very few puzzles available at, and the catalog is very short, but we will add more eventually. One step at a time.

Picture of a road to illustrate a new project started with Tu Puzzle

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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The website has been under maintenance for a whole week. I apologize for it. I have been writing all the legal information and i took longer than expected.

There was some mandatory information that Rare Puzzles didn’t include, so we were out of compliance. For that reason, I couldn’t open it again until all the documentation was ready. Some parts of it were very technical and some other parts were not easy to develop. But the work is done now.

These documents are legal information requirements and will appear from now on at the footer of the site. All users must know and accept them:

Picture about legal information with a gavel and law books

Image courtesy of

And some more news very soon…

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