We all know how it feels when we buy a used puzzle and it is incomplete.

Sometimes we know long before the puzzle is assembled, when we feel it’s impossible we have missed that corner piece, or there is no way the white piece we are missing will be among all the dark ones that are left.

What if that happens with the same puzzle… 7 times?

The 3000, Ravensburger, Oriental Folk Scene has been jinxed for me. Almost every time I found a copy and got it, the copy was not right and it couldn’t be listed for sale. After verifying the puzzle, there were missing pieces, foreign pieces, damaged pieces, poorly manufactured pieces to replace a missing one… There was always something.

That’s why at Rare Puzzles all the used puzzles listed are complete and in good condition to the best of my knowledge. In order to list a good one, sometimes seven are discarded.

And if I make a mistake, I am always accountable.

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