Thank you very much to everyone who has provided input about features and appearance of the new website. The new WordPress theme has been giving me some trouble for some time, but some issues are being solved. Here are some updates:

  • The problem with the display of the images in the catalog has been (finally) solved. The images were not cropped proportionally and visitors couldn’t see the whole picture of the box. That same problem remains in the single product page, but the solution for that is also close.
  • The side navigation that allows users to filter the puzzles based on Brand, Content, Condition, and Number of Pieces was added after it was disappeared for some time. The option to include an additional filter to select In-Stock/Out-of-Stock puzzles is not feasible in WordPress except with some tweaking of the code, which is beyond my knowledge at this point.
  • However, in order to make the navigation easier, the Out-of-Stock items have been removed from the catalog. They are still indexed in search engines and they still appear in searches within the site, but only available puzzles are now listed.
  • The shipping module has not been working, and users received the frustrating message that no shipping method was available. Although I have been reserving puzzles and providing shipping quotes through email communication, I am still working in order to solve it. It should work with Spain now and in the next days I will test it with other countries.
  • The web hosting plan has been upgraded to a supposedly better plan with more server resources. It seemed we had maxed out the capacity of the previous hosting plan, and users were starting to receive error messages, pages loading very slowly, and lost connections. There should have been an improvement in performance.
  • Now that some of the main issues are either solved, or close to be solved, we will start allowing other users to post their own puzzles. There are people waiting for those changes to appear.
  • Finally, since many users are also looking for current puzzles, I have created a side store with puzzles that can be found almost anywhere, but with better prices, as an additional service to Rare Puzzles customers. I wanted it to be separate, but not too far, so the address is

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